Thursday, June 6, 2013

Korea Football team with 12th man

As for yesterday article "Additional Time 9 Min in Korea Football Game", Lebanon head couch Theo Bucker said
"Compared to Korea we have nothing and in the end we were beaten by the referee, he was their twelfth man "
Source : DailyStart Lebanon
Lebanon World Cup hopes dashed

Also here is "Un-understandable Foul" in Lebanon VS Korea game. 

[ Refree Info ]
  • Referee: Benjamin WILLIAMS (AUS)
  • Assistant Referee 1: Matthew CREAM (AUS)
  • Assistant Referee 2: Hakan ANAZ (AUS)
  • Fourth official: Christopher BEATH (AUS)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Additional Time 9 Min in Korea Football Game

In Asian final round for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, the game had amazing 9 minutes of additional time in Lebanon VS Korea, dated on June 4 2013, Beirut Lebanon. Korea got a goal as match drawing at 97 minutes finally.

[ Game info of Lebanon VS Korea / June 4 2013 ]

9 Min Addtional Time in Korea Football Game

Korea football team continues miracle goals.  
Also Asian final round dated on March 23 2013, Korea defeated Qatar with a goal at 96 minutes.

[ Game info of Qatar VS Korea / March 23 2013 ]

Goal at 7 Min Addtional Time in Korea Football Game

We will find the statistic that rate of goal in the extension per national teams

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Korean pee-pee at Yasukuni Shrine Japan

[ Update 2013-5-31]

We analyzed original images in

  • Origina Posted site Url :
  • Date of taking pics at Yasukuni  : 2013.5.21 around 16:00
  • Using Camara : SAMSUNG  SHV-E160L (Galaxy Note)  
  • SHV-E160L software version : E160L.FD06.2010
  • Leaving from Japan 2013.5.21 to 2013.5.24 (or still in Japan ?)
  • Using Software : Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows / Photoshop 3.0 
  • Date of editing pics : 2013.5.23 around 17:00
  • Date of posting : 2013.5.24  11:37:04
  • id : 해탈 (not sure)
  • Name :  디시인사이드 정사갤 화이팅!  John Sahgel ジョンサゲル 
  • aka DC정사갤
  • IP Address : 175.223.***.*** (Korea KORNET
  • What's this pic ??
Note:There is a possibility extra info in pics are fabrication 

A Shameless Korean pissed at Yasukuni Shrine (place of 2.4M men, women and children and spans from the Boshin War of 1867 to World War II[) in Tokyo, Japan, he then ribbed it on the handrail. It was reported by GoldRush, original pics were posted on

Can you image Korean pee-pee at Arlington National Cemetery ?
Pity for him, Korean doen't hnow diapers.

[ Pics ]

Korean pee-pee at Yasukuni Shrine Japan 1

Korean pee-pee at Yasukuni Shrine Japan 2

Korean pee-pee at Yasukuni Shrine Japan 3

Korean pee-pee at Yasukuni Shrine Japan 4

[ Site thumnail ]

[ Add 2013 5 30 ]

Named himself : John Sahgel in DC Inside "디시인사이드 정사갤 화이팅!  John Sahgel, DC-Inside is fighting!" from this blog (JP) (EN)
IP Address : 218.153.***.90 

Korean set fire to somewhere in Japan

The following picture was posted to one of BBS site enjoyKorea (run by NHN, already closed) by valkyrie05 on February 14, 2008, reported by Jiji-news.
Caption in the pic says 'Repeated playing Korean visit Japan'.  

Please contact us if you know their name.

Korean arsonist in Japan

valkyrie05's other posts in enjoyKorea, abeted arson in Japan

#1 Post title 'Let's fire on Yasukuni shurain, because Japan doesn't have asss such Korea'

valkyrie05 abet arson in Japan 1

#2 Post title 'Go to war if Japanese arsonist arrest'

valkyrie05 abet arson in Japan 2